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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the products all natural?

    The ingredients are natural and the percentage of the chemical materials is very low.

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  2. What is the end benefit of Eva B-White?

    B-White is an effective fairness cream which delivers the whitening effect required in a totally safe way resulting in a bright and toned skin.

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Latest Questions

  1. Can I use Sun & Sea before wearing makeup?

    Not preferable to use it before makeup.

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  2. Does Sun & Sea products affect pregnancy?

    No problem in using it, it’s safe for pregnancy and breast feeding.

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  3. Is it appropriate to all skin types?

    Yes it is appropriate to all skin types.

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  4. Sunscreen for kids starting from what age?

    Appropriate for kids from age 2 years.

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  5. How can I use Sunscreen?

    Apply on skin before sun exposure with 15 mins and reapply it every 2 hours or after swimming and skin drying.

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  6. What does SPF 50+ means?

    Protection formula that protect skin from harmful sun rays UVA & UVB.

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  7. Can I use it with sensitive skin?

    It is appropriate for sensitive skin.

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  8. What is the difference between adults & kids sunscreen?

    Sunscreen dedicated for kids formulated for their skin.

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