Daily routine of whitening oily skin

Daily routine of whitening oily skin

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Get rid of dark spots, acne scars and get a lighter even toned complexion with B-White oily cream + Whitening facial scrub + Facial wash +  Under-eye lightning cream.

Eva B-White Oily Whitening Cream 18 gm-40 gm-100 ml : Enriched with Lupine and milk protien extract for lighter more vibrant looking skin. gets rid of dark spots and protects from the sun 


Eva B-White  Whitening Facial Scrub 100 ml : Enriched with Apricot seed particles and Lupine extract it removed the top layer of dead skin cells to unveil an instant glow.

Eva B-White  Facial Wash 100 ml : Rich in Lupine and Liquorice extract to preserve and restore skin moisture and lighten dark spots for an instant glowing effect.

Eva B-White  Under-eye Lightning Cream (Neutral skin or Tinted skin ) 20 gm : This delicate formula is rich with multivitamins and Cucumber to lighten under-eye dark circles and reduce puffiness.

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More Information
Brand Eva Skin Clinic Collagen
Brand Eva Skin Clinic Collagen
Offer Type N/A
Type Bundle
Skin type Sensitive, Combination, Oily
Objective / Usage Facial Wash, Skin Toning / Whitening, Skin Moisturizing, Skin Cleansing, Facial Scrub
ِAge 10+, 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+
Targeted Area Face, Neck, Under eye
Time of day Day, Night
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