Eva Skin Care Passion Kit 2

Eva Skin Care Passion Kit-1
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1-Body Lotion-Passion 240 ml

Enriched formula with Glycerin & Vaseline, acts as “water magnet” that binds with water molecules holding them in the skin cells, which provides you with silky, smooth & moisturized skin.

2- Heel Cream-Passion 60 ml

EVA Skin Care Heel Cream is an advanced formula specialized in repairing cracks and heels’ hardened skin. The soothing blend of Vaseline & skin softening emollients effectively & easily reduces heels’ roughness & seals moisture in them.

3-Hand Cream-Passion 60 ml

EVA Skin Care Hand Cream is the best friend for dry skin. Its rich formula, with Vitamins & moisture burst, acts by sealing moisture in and keeping dryness out. Vaseline softens and smoothes the skin by forming a film on the skin surface preventing moisture loss while Glycerin shores up the skin’s natural protection by attracting just the right amount of water.

4-Hand Scrub-Passion 50 ml

EVA Skin Care Hand Scrub is an innovative formula with a moisturizing rich blend of exfoliating sugar crystals, Shea butter and Jojoba oil. This perfect blend mildly scrubs the dry skin and leaves a residual emollient layer to provide you with radiant and soft hands.

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Eva Skin Care
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